From 2005 to 2010, participation in the CIP proficiency panels and others activities was free-of-charge for the participants. Due to the growing number of interested labs and in order to accelerate the proficiency panel program, ways to financially support CIP were discussed among participants.

Since 2011, academic labs have been charged a fixed participation fee of €500.  Industrial members have been asked to pay a substantially higher participation fee. CIP participation fees will predominantly be used to prepare (reagents, isolate and freeze samples, pre-testing of samples), roll-out and analyze proficiency panels that are initiated via the CIP program, to organize scientific meetings on immunomonitoring, and to publish CIP results in open access journals.
Participation fees will be administered by CIMT (Association for Cancer Immunotherapy). This annual contribution will give you the following direct benefits:

Reduction in the registration fee for the CIMT Annual Meeting for 1 person per member-laboratory.

Preference regarding participation in proficiency panels and workshops (first-come, first-served basis, excluding shipping fees)

Early announcement of CIP activities and updates on assay guidelines.

Yearly summary of CIP activities.

   For more membership information, please contact Christiane Wellié-Reeve