CIMT Lifetime Achievement Award

The CIMT Lifetime Achievement Award honors a European researcher who has significantly contributed to the advancement of cancer immunotherapy. The award was inaugurated in 2017 and is bestowed every other year.


On May 21, 2019, Wolf Herman Fridman was honored for his outstanding contribution to a deeper understanding of cancer immunology and the tumor environment. His broad research interests over a long career have influenced facets in the field, from basic cancer immunology to clinical prognosis. His work and mentorship have given rise to a new generation of scientific leaders in European cancer immunology. Wolf Fridman is professor emeritus at Paris Descartes University as well as the founder of Cordeliers Research Centre, and president of the Canceropole Ile de France.


In 2017, the CIMT Awards Committee has chosen Cornelis Melief to be the first recipient of this biennial award that celebrates the dedication, ingenuity, and impactful success of a researcher who has dedicated his life’s work to finding immunological treatment options for cancer patients. Internationally recognized for his insights into the relationship between tumors and the immune system and for his clinical research and development of innovative cell therapies and therapeutic vaccines, Cornelis Melief has provided leadership for a generation of European scientists.


CIMT 2019 Poster Awards

Each year, as part of the Annual Meeting, CIMT honors outstanding poster presentations of junior researchers with the CIMT Poster Awards

In 2019, the CIMT poster jury selected six young investigators for the quality of their research as well as their visual and oral data presentation.

Tumor Biology & Interaction with the Immune System
Ehsan Ghorani, UCL Cancer Institute London
Abstract #144
Improving Immunity
Su Yin Lim, Macquarie University Sydney
Abstract #238
Juliane Schuhmacher, University of Tübingen
Abstract #070
Cellular Therapy
Anna Müller-Schöll, Freie Universität Berlin
Abstract #100
New Targets and New Leads
Hannah Wurzer, Luxembourg Institute of Health
Abstract #231
Therapeutic Vaccination
Thomas Rösler,TRON-Translational Oncology Mainz
Abstract #037

CIMT 2018 Poster Award

CIMT 2018 Poster Awards

Tumor Biology
Christof Smith, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Abstract #110
Therapeutic Vaccination
Adam Grippin, University of Florida
Abstract #011
Improving Immunity
Daniel Baumann, German Cancer Research Center DKFZ
Abstract #175
Jonas Bochem, University Medical Center Tübingen
Abstract #034
Cellular Therapy
Julien Schmidt, University of Lausanne
Abstract #159

“TCR-pMHC 2D affinity and bond lifetime under force correlate with tumor-specific CD8 T cell responsiveness“

New Targets and New Leads
Chloe Chong, Ludwig Center for Cancer Research
Abstract #207

“Mass spectrometry-based antigen discovery expands the cancerimmunopeptidome”