CIMT 2018 opens in Mainz, Germany


The 16th Annual Meeting of the Association for Cancer Immunotherapy CIMT has opened with more than 750 academic and clinical professionals from 28 countries in the fields of tumor immunology.
Under the headline “Pushing Frontieres in Cancer Immunotherapy”, the
2018 meeting offers nine plenary sessions on the topics of therapeutic vaccination, CAR T-cell therapy, combination therapies, cellular therapy, counteacting immune escape, immunoguiding, regulatory research, and tumor microenvironment.

CIMT 2018 opens in Mainz, Germany

“Immunotherapies in their many forms now comprise a component of the standard of care for cancer patients.  Nevertheless, the field continues to move quickly forward, whether to understand the mechanism of action behind a proven concept, to optimize existing therapies with clever engineering, to synergize efficacy via combinatorial approaches, or to push the frontiers even further by gaining a deeper understanding of the tumor envi-ronment as a whole. says CIMT President, Prof. Christoph Huber. „After a surge of recent approvals and promising clinical studies, we now see immunotherapies included in the standard of cancer care. We are therefore thrilled that this year, as with past years, outstanding speakers have generously accepted our invitations to share their work with the larger European cancer immunotherapy community.”

As every year, CIMT also gives young investigators the opportunity to present their work to a large international audience. More than 30 abstracts are presented as short talks. 17 travel awards were given to young scientists from Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Cuba, Argentina, Israel, Belgium, USA and Switzerland.  On May 16, the best posters and poster presentations will be honored with the CIMT Poster Awards.

The 16th CIMT Annual Meeting is supported by Bristol Myers-Squibb, BioNTech, Sanofi Oncology, Immatics Biotechnologies, Merck, Boehringer Ingelheim,Mabtech, Beckman Coulter and CARAT.


Isabelle Niefer