Congratulations 2018 Poster Award Winners


Six junior researchers have been chosen by the CIMT poster jury to receive the 2018 CIMT Poster Awards:

Christof Smith (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Adam Grippin (University of Florida), Daniel Baumann (German Cancer Research Center DKFZ), Jonas Bochem (University Medical Center Tübingen), Julien Schmidt (University of Lausanne) and Chloe Chong (Ludwig Center for Cancer Research)

Click on the links below to learn more about their work:

Tumor Biology
Christof Smith, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Abstract #110 "Pan-cancer analysis of human endogenous retrovirus expression reveals markers for prognosis and immunotherapy response in clear cell renal carcinoma"

Therapeutic Vaccination
Adam Grippin, University of Florida
Abstract #011 “Bifunctional RNA-nanoparticles to enhance dendriti cell activation and enable MRI-based detection of dendritic cell migration to lymph nodes”

Improving Immunity
Daniel Baumann, German Cancer Research Center DKFZ
Abstract #175 "Mouse models of pancreatic cancer for development of combinatorial immunotherapies involving cytostatic agents and agonist anti-CD40 antibody"

Jonas Bochem, University Medical Center Tübingen
Abstract #034 “Peripheral blood NKT-cell frequencies and their PD-1 expression levels identify stage IV melanoma patients with poor overall survival under PD-1/CTLA-4 blockade”

Cellular Therapy
Julien Schmidt, University of Lausanne
Abstract #159 „TCR-pMHC 2D affinity and bond lifetime under force correlate with tumor-specific CD8 T cell responsiveness“

New Targets and New Leads
Chloe Chong, Ludwig Center for Cancer Research
Abstract #207 “Mass spectrometry-based antigen discovery expands the cancerimmunopeptidome”


Isabelle Niefer