Cornelis (Kees) Belief receives honorary doctorate in medicine

On October 25, CIMT vice president Prof. Dr. Dr. Cornelis J.M. Melief was awarded an honorary doctorate in medicine by the Johannes Gutenberg University Medical Center in Mainz, Germany. Cornelis (Kees) Melief was honored for his lifetime achievements as a pioneer of tumor immunology, and especially for his contributions to cancer immunology research in Mainz. 

Kees Melief is emeritus professor of immuno-hematology at Leiden University, where he worked for decades on the elucidation of the immunological mechanisms that can lead to effective, clinically applicable T cell-based immunotherapy of cancer. Since 2010, he is Chief Scientific Officer of ISA Pharmaceuticals, a biotech company specializing in the development of synthetic therapeutic cancer vaccines. Internationally recognized for his insights into the relationship between tumors and the immune system and for his clinical research and development of innovative cell therapies and therapeutic vaccines, Kees Melief has provided leadership for a generation of European scientists.


Isabelle Niefer