CIMT 2019 opens in Mainz, Germany

Under the headline “Learn. Develop. Connect”, the 2019 meeting offers nine plenary plenary sessions offers sessions on topics such as counteracting immune escape, chemical immunology, neo-antigens and tumor evolution, immunoguiding, the tumor microenvironment, cellular therapies and actively personalized.

“We look forward to an outstanding scientific program featuring world leaders in cancer immunotherapy who will share their insights, such as Robert Schreiber, Carl June, Rafi Ahmed, and Mark Davis to name only a few,” says CIMT President, Prof. Christoph Huber. „We also look forward to hearing the patients’ perspective, and we have the great pleasure of honoring Wolf Fridman with our second Lifetime Achievement Award.” 

As every year, CIMT also gives young investigators the opportunity to present their work to a large international audience. Almost 40 abstracts are presented as short talks. 17 travel awards were given to young scientists from Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Cuba, Australia, Israel, Belgium, and Italy.  On May 22, the best posters and poster presentations will be honored with the CIMT Poster Awards.

The 17th CIMT Annual Meeting is supported by Bristol Myers-Squibb, BioNTech, Roche, Miltenyi Biotec, Fludigm, Merck, Ultivue, Immatics, Mabtech, AbbVie, Boehringer Ingelheim, Sanofi Oncology and DFG.

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