Congratulations to the new CIMT President

Dr. Türeci has been a CIMT board member for the past three years.

Özlem Türeci is an M.D. with over 25 years of experience in cancer research and immuno-oncology, specifically in the identification of immunotherapeutic drug targets and the development of antibodies, as well as vaccine-based therapies. Dr. Türeci co-founded GanymedPharmaceuticals as Chief Scientific Officer and was its Chief Executive Officer from 2008-2017, developing a new generation of first-in-class antibodies in solid cancers. Dr. Türeci is now a management board member of BioNTech. She is also a chair and co-initiator of Ci3, the German Cluster Initiative of Individualized ImmunIntervention(Ci3) e.V., based in Mainz, Germany. She has authored over 110 peer-reviewed publications and is an inventor on more than 80 patents and patent applications.

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