Congratulations 2019 Poster Award Winners

Cellular Therapy
Anna Mueller-Schoell
Freie Universität Berlin
Abstract 100
CAR-T cell therapy: Investigating clinical challenges using a modelling & simulation framework

Therapeutic Vaccination
Thomas Roesler
TRON – Translationale Oncology Mainz
Abstract 37
Modelling immunogenicity with omics data integration

New Targets and New Leads
Hannah Wurzer
Luxembourg Institute of Health
Abstract 231
The great escape: role of the actin cytoskeleton in cancer immune evasion

Immunological Monitoring
Juliane Schuhmacher
University of Tübingen
Abstract 70
RhoC vaccination induces a robust and long-lasting immune response in a clinical phase I/II prostate cancer trial

Tumor Biology & Interaction with the Immune System
Ehsan Ghorani
University College London
Abstract 144
Imbalance between early and late differentiated intra-tumour CD4 T cells is associated with mutational burden and regulatory T cell abundance in non-small cell lung cancer

Improving Immunity
Su Yin (Esther) Lim
Macquarie University
Abstract 238
Dynamic changes in transcriptome and cytokine expression in melanoma patients treated with combination PD-1 and CTLA-4 inhibitors

Christine Castle