CIMT Academy
of Translational Cancer Immunology

CIMT’s driving mission is to promote the development of cancer immunotherapy, and a fundamental component in ensuring the success of this field is the education of the next generation of translational scientists.  Given that translational science as a discipline is not yet in the syllabus of many graduate schools, we identified an educational gap for many early researchers, one we felt CIMT was exceptionally qualified to fill. Therefore, in addition to the opportunity to present work (in the form of posters and short talks) at the CIMT Annual Meeting, CIMT is delighted to offer a different yet invaluable learning experience to this part of our community.



The CIMT Academy of Translational Immunology was founded to offer a learning and dissemination platform dedicated solely to our developing membership.  Specifically, the mission of the Academy is to promote excellence in translational cancer immunology research and scholarship among early career scientists, by:

·         Teaching the principles of translational cancer immunology, including insight from faculty experience in academia, clinical practice and industry

·         Offering exceptional learning and networking opportunities outside of the canonical association-hosted meeting model

·         Working with Academy faculty and alumni and other stakeholders to build a sustainable and self-driving translational immunotherapy community as a resource, and fueled by early career researchers


Education and networking platforms

·         School for Translational Cancer Immunology

·         Satellite Academy workshops/mini-symposia

General Academy learning objectives

·         Gain cutting-edge knowledge of the field via data-driven lectures on the latest cancer immunology/immunotherapy topics as well as insider know-how on academic, clinical and industrial perspectives from expert faculty

·         Develop and improve scientific presentation and discussion skills by receiving feedback on research activities and participating in exchanges

·         Meet and network with experienced and early career translational researchers alike, with the potential to build collaborations

Benefits of membership

·         Membership on invitation only

·         Access to exclusive Academy activities (Winter School, workshops and seminars at CIMT Annual Meeting)

·         Guidance and mentorship from leading scientists in cancer immunology and immunotherapy in the form of direct access via invitation-only Academy events

·         Discounts on registration for CIMT Annual Meeting

·         Listing on CIMT Academy website

·         Access to CIMT Academy LinkedIn forum

CIMT Academy 2019 Winter School in Obergurgl, Austria

CIMT Academy 2019 Winter School in Obergurgl, Austria