CIP News


GAPVAC consortium reports first-in-human trial of a novel actively personalized therapeutic vaccine for brain cancer in Nature.

CIP wet workshops

CIP is in the planning stage of organizing two wet workshops to investigate the impact and the assessment of myeloid cells and of TILs in cancer patients.

More information will follow soon. Please contact for more information.

MDSCs Harmonization - Second phase

Results of the phase I proficiency panel have been published (S. Mandruzzato, PMID: 26728481).

Testing phase II (in silico) is completed and central analysis is ongoing.

Natural Killer Harmonization - Second phase

The second testing phase has been completed and results are available.

Proficiency panel collaboration

The proficiency panel programs established by CIP and CIC have reached a high degree of harmonization for two immune monitoring methods, the HLA-multimer staining and Interferon-gamma ELISPOT. Starting in Fall 2013, the company Immudex has taken on the organization of large-scale proficiency panels for these two assays.

For general information about the Immudex proficiency panels as well as upcoming panels, please go to the Immudex website.

T cell reference samples

Reference samples containing a controlled number of antigen-specific T cells that can be used for controlling assay performance overtime are urgently needed. In collaboration with the University Medical Clinic in Mainz and TRON, CIP has developed a RNA-based scalable technology which allows the generation of TCR-engineered reference samples (TERS) of selected specificities (Bidmon et al. doi: 10.4049). TERS can be used for controlling the performance of HLA-multimer, Elispot and ICS assays over time. TERS can be easily produced in-house using a kit-based approach. Since November 2016, TERS-kits have been proposed by the company jpt