About RRG

Founded in 2008, the CIMT Regulatory Research Group is an independent group of experts focusing on regulatory aspects of drug development:

  • identifying regulatory challenges posed by emerging immunotherapies

  • developing new regulatory concepts to facilitate clinical testing of innovative immunotherapies

  • facilitating discussion between all groups relevant for the translation of scientific knowledge from bench to bedside

The group is open to any expert committed to contributing to the RRG goals. All RRG activities are intended to support the scientific or medical progress in the field of immunotherapy. Independency and transparency are basic principles on which all RRG activities are based. The group discusses the generic principles and publicly available information on national and international laws, directives and regulations influencing the development of immunotherapy. All relevant activities of the group are made publicly available.

CIMT-RRG Publications

Britten CM, Singh-Jasuja H, Flamion B, Hoos A, Huber C, Kallen K-J, Khleif SN, Kreiter S, Nielsen M, Rammensee H-G, Sahin U, Hinz T, Kalinke U (2013): The regulatory landscape for actively personalized cancer immunotherapies, Nature Biotechnology 31 (10), 880-882. doi 10.1038/nbt.2708.

Hinz T, Kallen K, Britten CM, Flamion B, Granzer U, Hoos A, Huber C, Khleif S, Kreiter S, Rammensee HG, Sahin U, Singh-Jasuja H, Türeci Ö15, Kalinke U. The European Regulatory Environment of RNA-Based Vaccines. Methods in Molecular Biology. 2017. Volume 1499. pp 203-222


CIMT-RRG Statutes

Here you can download the statutes of the CIMT Regulatory Research Group.