Who We Are

The Association

The Association for Cancer Immunotherapy CIMT is a member-based information and education platform that facilitates the knowledge exchange between academic and industry scientists, physicians and regulatory authorities who research and develop cancer immunotherapies. CIMT was founded in 2002 by physicians and researchers from different fields of clinical and theoretical medicine as an independent non-profit organization. Every year, CIMT organizes the largest and most influential international cancer immunotherapy meeting in Europe.


CIMT promotes the development of cancer immunotherapies by:
– educating health professionals through annual meetings, advanced education seminars and publications.
– cooperating with partners in related consortia, regulatory agencies, journals, academic institutions and companies.
– initiating and leading working groups that actively accelerate the development of cancer immunotherapies.

CIMT has its offices in Mainz, Germany and is financed by congress fees, industry sponsorship, donations and public and foundation grants.

Executive Board

Management Board